This blog consists of made up stories about sexual fantasies.Feel free to submit and share stories.Have a great fucking day.
If you are 14 and younger we will block you and email your mother.

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  • Anonymous: whos the guy in the side pic

    Me lol

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    Anonymous: When's the next story coming, gorgeous? ;)

    Whenever you want it lol

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    Anonymous: are you the guy in the side pictures?


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he’s so cute, omg


    Anonymous: hello


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    Sex Diaries: Can I have a taste?


    It’s late at night we’re both awake just relaxing on the couch watching movies.I’m laying on my head on her stomach while my arms are wrapped around her waist.Right about now we’re just chilling talking about random shit that comes to mind.I tell her how beautiful she is just to see her incredible…

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